Welcome to Type.World, the One-Click Font Installer

1. One-Click Install

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, you can one-click-install fonts from participating foundries. Either directly from their website (for example after purchasing a font), or you get invited by your colleagues to share fonts.

2. Receive Font Updates

Whenever a publisher issues updates of fonts that you own, you will receive an update notification through the app and can update all of them at once.

3. Back Up & Restore

Automatically back up all your font subscriptions to your Type.World user account. Restoring them all after you lost or crashed your computer is as easy as re-downloading the app and logging in.

User accounts are mandatory for so-called protected fonts, such as commercial retail fonts.

4. Invite Colleagues

In order to collaborate on projects, you may invite your colleagues to share your fonts, as far as the seat allowance of your font license goes. Your colleagues need to sport their own Type.World user account.

Requires a Pro user account.

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Basic usage of the Type.World App is free, which includes:

  • Install fonts and receive font updates
  • Gather font subscriptions in a Type.World user account & easily restore them after a computer crash
  • Get invited to share font subscriptions (notification by email only)


Become a Pro user to enjoy these features:

  • Share font subscriptions with colleagues
  • Sync one Type.World user account across several computers
  • Get invited to share font subscriptions with live notifications
  • Support future development of Type.World

Just 1 € per month, billed yearly
30 days free trial period

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The Type.World App is designed around around the principle of decentrality.

The fonts are distributed directly from the publisher’s servers to the user’s app. Other than downloading and using the app and its user account, users never interact with Type.World directly, only with the font publishers.

The app only ever calls its own servers to handle the Type.World user accounts, which help users organize their various font subscriptions.
A user account is not required to handle free fonts. It is required, however, for so called protected fonts, such as commercial retail fonts, for a streamlined user experience around losing or crashing your computer. A re-installation of all your commercial fonts would affect the licenses that you hold, and through the user account you can deauthorize and free that old computer’s font licenses in one go.