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Hello Type.World

Type.World is in the process of becoming an open-source, one-click font installation app. It will be available for macOS and Windows at first. Mobile apps and Linux will follow later.

You can download the alpha version of the GUI app here.


The project is currently in the early stages of development.
A feature-complete and stable beta is expected for end of 2018.

If you are a developer, make sure to read through the comprehensive documentation at the Developers page.

@typeDotWorld on Twitter

Please make sure to follow @typeDotWorld on Twitter for the latest developments.

How It Works:

Whenever your favourite font foundry offers your font downloads through our app, you will see a Type.World download button.

Click on it to install the fonts.

The Type.World App (you need to install it once) will come open and automatically download and install these fonts on your system. No technical understanding required.

You will be notified to install updates of fonts that you are subscribing to.

You can also choose to install font updates automatically. However, this is not recommended for professional designers, because the appearance of fonts might change in an update and it might mess with your layouts.