Quick Start: Access Your First Font Subscription

For a demonstration of a font subscription that contains only free fonts, please have a look at Jens Kutílek’s Free Fonts.

After you have installed the app, click on the button below to load the subscription into the app.

Open in Type.World App

Version History

Version 0.2.10-beta

Published: Wed May 5 09:57:52 2021 +0000

Version 0.2.9-beta

Published: Wed Mar 31 17:32:50 2021 +0000

Version 0.2.7-beta

Published: Thu Feb 4 15:44:01 2021 +0000

A recently introduced mistake in the keychain handling rendered the app useless in many cases.

Version 0.2.6-beta

Published: Wed Feb 3 18:08:09 2021 +0000

Version 0.2.5-beta

Published: Mon Feb 1 17:55:38 2021 +0000

Implemented correct sorting and display of fonts into four-way font.format/font.variableFont matrix.

Version 0.2.4-beta

Published: Mon Jan 18 19:02:43 2021 +0000

Version 0.2.3-beta

Published: Tue Dec 8 14:53:07 2020 +0000

Version 0.2.2-beta

Published: Mon Jul 27 17:30:35 2020 +0000

No major code changes to 0.2.1-alpha, just announcing Beta status.

Version 0.2.1-alpha

Published: Tue Jun 23 10:57:56 2020 +0000

Filters out pre-historic Subscription URLs from preferences that didn’t hold the correct type world://json+ notation yet. This will help people that haven’t touched the app since its earliest stages and are now running into trouble launching a recent app version.

Version 0.2.0-alpha

Published: Tue May 26 08:36:09 2020 +0000

This release is meant to be the second last one before the official Beta phase and exists mainly so that the whole system can be sanity-checked one last time before Beta, and made sure that the software update mechanisms etc. work for everyone.

The upcoming version after this one is meant to be the so called Beta "Release Candidate". Then we officially open the Beta phase.

To access a font subscription demo, click here after installing the app.