API Validator

Here you can have your Type.World JSON Protocol-savvy API Endpoint’s function validated. Depending on whether free or protected fonts are found, or fonts with expiry dates (trial fonts), the validator will run routines matching the types of fonts found. To make good use of this validator, you need to supply a subscription that is modified to meet certain criteria as outlined below.

The following tests are currently implemented:


Check API root response (RootResponse class) and download subscription (InstallableFontsResponse class). If necessary, create a Type.World user account and try again.

Free fontsThe simple most test: Download and install a free font.
Non-expiring protected fonts

To check the proper response of your API Endpoint in handling protected fonts (the norm for commercial setups), this test requires the subscription to hold at least one protected font with at least one LicenseUsage object with a seatsAllowed attribute of 1 and a seatsInstalled attribute of 0. The routine will install the font, and then attempt to install the same font a second time on another (assumed) computer. This is supposed to fail because only 1 seat is allowed. Only after removing the font installation, the second computer can succeed in installing the font.

Please enter a complete subscription URL below, with protocols and user credentials.

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API Validator API

This API Validator has its own API, so you can build an API into your API. Check the API docs here. In fact, this online API Validator here just queries the exact same API and displays the data to you.